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Our history

Primcast was founded in 2004, as an online hosting and streaming service provider. At that time, there was virtually no market for online broadcasting, but we saw the potential and were one of the first online streaming service providers, along with our sister company Server Room. We have since been perfecting our services by constantly improving quality, and customer support experience. At Primcast, we are firm believers in customer service, and that's why we implemented 24x7 customer support since day one. Our servers are located in conditioned spaces in various datacenters across the North-Eastern United States. The facilities provide redundant cooling units and power supply, state-of-the-art Class E voice communication and fire life safety and smoke purge systems, as well as 24-hour attended lobby and security force with integrated CCTV and Card Access Systems. Building systems, perimeter and sensitive areas are monitored 24/7 from Security Station located on Ground Floor. Our servers are connected to our own redundant network with no single point of failure, and unlimited bandwidth potential.
Our mission

The Primcast mission is to always exceed our customers expectations and create new standards of service and quality. We approach each opportunity with enthusiasm, creativity and an unlimited passion for perfection.
Our tools

Most Primcast servers are upgraded on a semi-annual basis, and are always on top of the ever-changing technology. Primcast uses the latest versions of Windows and Linux based operating systems on most of its servers.