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Auto DJ for SHOUTcast

Auto DJ streaming
Auto DJ Servers are optimal to keep your SHOUTcast Station up 24x7 if you don't have a 24 hour live broadcasting program. Our AutoDJ Streaming Servers can only be used if you already have an existing SHOUTcast Streaming account with us or with another provider. We offer a free AutoDJ account with the purchase of a SHOUTcast Server unlimited listeners. If you need assistance choosing the right plan, please contact our support team via phone or live chat. For your convenience, we're available 24x7.
Auto DJ
demo account
Order an Auto DJ demo account and test our services. This demo account includes 2 GB of storage and is available for 5 days. You can upgrade to a paid account anytime and keep the same settings.

Auto DJ streaming plans
Bitrate Traffic Extra Storage Storage Price Order
unlimited unlimited $1 per GB 3 GB $9.99 Order Now
unlimited unlimited $1 per GB 12 GB $13.59 Order Now
unlimited unlimited $1 per GB 18 GB $19.99 Order Now
unlimited unlimited $1 per GB 36 GB $29.99 Order Now
unlimited unlimited $1 per GB 72 GB $49.99 Order Now

How do i upload my files to the AutoDJ server?
Once your Auto DJ account is active, you can upload your files to the AutoDJ Streaming Server via ftp. For step by step instructions, please follow our Auto DJ tutorial by clicking here

What bitrate can i use with my Auto DJ Broadcasting account?
You will have to use the bitrate that was set on your SHOUTcast Streaming account. If your SHOUTcast account does not have a set bitrate, then you can use any bitrate.

Can i insert adds in my broadcast with AutoDJ?
Yes, our AutoDJ Streaming interface will allow you to create playlists. You can insert pre-recorded adds into the playlist, and they will play automatically in the order that you choose.

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