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Primcast offers streaming services through a variety of different platforms. We cover anything from SHOUTcast, to Adobe, Wowza, Smooth Streaming, etc.. Please use the streaming wizard below to find out which streaming service is best for you.

Our streaming wizard will ask a few questions, and based on your answers, it will recommend a streaming service that best suits your requirements.

I need to begin broadcasting online immediately. How long does it take to setup a streaming account? SHOUTcast Streaming, Adobe Streaming and Windows Media Streaming accounts are setup instantly if your payment is accepted. Flash Dedicated Servers are setup within 24 hours.

Can I try the streaming services before I sign up? Yes, you can try any of our online broadcasting services, such as SHOUTcast Hosting, Adobe Media Hosting or Windows Media Streaming. Demo accounts can be ordered directly through our website and they are available for 48 hours. Demo accounts are allocated 4 connections and approximately 0.25GB of traffic. There are no demo accounts available for Flash Dedicated Servers.

Shoutcast Streaming
Stream audio or video to your audience using our SHOUTcast Servers.
Plans start at just $8/mo.
Auto DJ for SHOUTcast
Upload and stream your SHOUTcast content directly from our servers, with our Auto-Dj plans.

Wowza Media Streaming
Wowza Streaming is perfect for streaming flash content to mobile devices.
Windows Media Streaming
Live or On Demand streaming through our Windows Media Servers.
Plans start at just $12.99/mo.

Adobe Media Server
Live or On Demand streaming through Adobe Media Server 5.
Plans start at just $9.99/mo.
Smooth Streaming
Smooth Streaming is the perfect tool for streaming to iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry and Android.

Streaming Events
Optimal for broadcasting to a large audience for a limited amount of time.

Not sure which streaming solution is right for you? Contact our support team via phone or live chat and we'll gladly assist you with your online streaming project.