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SHOUTcast Streaming is one of the most popular online broadcasting services used to stream Audio. Setup only takes minutes and all you need is a broadband internet connection and a PC or Mac. Primcast offers Bandwidth Based Plans, Per Listener Plans, or a Pre-Paid Plan, mostly suitable for one time broadcasting events. If you need assistance choosing the right SHOUTcast Streaming plan for your online broadcasting project, our support team is available to assist you 24x7 via phone or live chat.
SHOUTcast hosting
demo account
You should always be able to try before you buy, that's why we offer SHOUTcast Hosting Demo accounts free, with no obligation. Our SHOUTcast Demo account allows for up to 10 listeners, 2 GB of traffic and is available for 5 days. You can upgrade to a paid account at anytime and keep the same encoder settings.

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Get an Unlimited Listeners account and you will receive a 500 MB Auto DJ account free of charge!

SHOUTcast hosting bandwidth plans
Free Mobile App included
Listeners Listener hours Traffic Extra Traffic Storage Price Order
Up to 25* 2425 100 GB $3.50 per 10GB** 50 MB $8 Order Now
Up to 50* 3640 150 GB $3.00 per 10GB** 100 MB $14 Order Now
Up to 75* 4855 200 GB $2.80 per 10GB** 200 MB $19 Order Now
Up to 100* 6070 250 GB $2.60 per 10GB** 300 MB $23 Order Now
Unlimited* 6070 250 GB $2.30 per 10GB** 500 MB $38 Order Now
Unlimited* 12135 500 GB $2.00 per 10GB** 500 MB $52 Order Now
Unlimited* 18205 750 GB $1.60 per 10GB** 1 GB $66 Order Now
Unlimited* 24275 1000 GB $1.40 per 10GB** 1 GB $94 Order Now
Unlimited* 48545 2000 GB $1.00 per 10GB** 2 GB $148 Order Now
Unlimited* 121365 5000 GB $0.50 per 10GB** 5 GB $332 Order Now
*   Simultaneous connections
** Minimum order for extra traffic is $10.
SHOUTcast hosting bandwidth plans have a limit of traffic and are the best option for stations where listeners number vary for different periods of the day. Get an unlimited listener account and you will get a free Auto DJ account.

Port 80 Streaming is available for an extra fee of $2.99/mo.

SHOUTcast hosting per listener plans
Bitrate (quality) Price Slots Total / month Order
24 kbps $0.20 per slot $5.00 Order Now
32 kbps $0.28 per slot $5.60 Order Now
48 kbps $0.29 per slot $5.80 Order Now
56 kbps $0.34 per slot $6.80 Order Now
64 kbps $0.40 per slot $8.00 Order Now
80 kbps $0.49 per slot $9.80 Order Now
96 kbps $0.59 per slot $11.80 Order Now
112 kbps $0.69 per slot $13.80 Order Now
128 kbps $0.80 per slot $16.00 Order now
All SHOUTcast hosting per listerner plans have unlimited bandwith and no storage included. Select a bitrate, enter the number of slots you need and then click order. Minimum order for any plan is $5.

SHOUTcast hosting PrePaid Plan
Listeners Traffic Extra Traffic* Storage Price Order
Unlimited 10 GB $4.00 per 10GB 0 MB $5.10 Order Now
*Minimum order for extra traffic is $10.
If you're looking to stream a one time event, or if you broadcast only a few times a month, your best option might be one of our pre-paid plans. These plans are bandwidth based, and you pay as you go. If your bandwidth is depleted you can add more by logging in to your account. There are no monthly fees, and accounts don't expire unless they are not used for 90 days. You can use our traffic calculator to estimate the bandwidth needed to broadcast your event.

Bandwidth Calculator for SHOUTcast hosting accounts
Listeners Bitrate Hours / day Days / month Total / month
Use the bandwidth calculator above to find out exactly how much traffic you will use.

Listener Hour Calculator
Monthly Traffic ( GB ) Bitrate Listener Hours

Featured Streams
Bitrate Station Title webpage
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128 kbps My Station name Visit
48 kbps Dominica Braodcasting Corporation Visit
58 kbps Melodie FM Visit
64 kbps ZIZ Broadcasting Corporation Visit
32 kbps Evangelist Bright Radio_Germany Holy Ghost Clinic Visit
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Can our listeners listen on iPhone?
Yes. ( if requested )

What is a shoutcast?
SHOUTcast is an internet broadcasting tool, usually used for audio streaming. It can be used by radio stations or end users, to bring audio or video content to an internet audience. SHOUTcast uses mp3 (MPEG Layer 3) technology for audio delivery and NSV for audio/video delivery.

Is SHOUTcast compatible with SAM Broadcaster?
Yes, SHOUTcast Servers are fully compatible with SAM.

Can I stream video through SHOUTcast?
Yes, you can stream video to our SHOUTcast Servers, as long as you have a bandwidth based plan. Video streaming requires the download of NSV tools.

Does Primcast cover Royalty fees?
No, you will need to pay your own royalty fees. Monthly royalty reports are available at no extra charge for all SHOUTcast Streaming accounts.

Once I sign up, how do I begin Broadcasting through SHOUTcast?
Simply follow the step by step instructions in our SHOUTcast Tutorial and you'll be broadcasting in no time.

What bitrate do I need to use if I pick a bandwidth based SHOUTcast plan?
If you choose a bandwidth based SHOUTcast plan, you can stream at any bitrate you like. Just keep in mind, that the higher the bitrate you use, the faster your bandwidth will be depleted.

What methods of payment do you accept?
We accept most major credit cards, PayPal, Western Union, Checks or Money Orders. If you place an order and chose the pay by check option, the account cannot be activate until your check is received and cleared.

How do I include my SHOUTcast Stream in the SHOUTcast directory?
As long as your stream is public, it will automatically be listed in the SHOUTcast.com directory. You will just need to input the name of your SHOUTcast Stream and the Genre of the music your are broadcasting.

Once my SHOUTcast Stream is live, how will my listeners tune in?
Your listeners can tune in with any mp3 stream compatible media player. Our live support team is also able to provide embedded code for various players to automatically load onto your web site.

Can the Source of my SHOUTcast Server be relayed from another SHOUTcast Server?
Yes, our SHOUTcast Servers can relay any other SHOUTcast Server. You enter your relay settings in your Primcast.com control panel.

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