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Why Should I host my SHOUTcast Server with Primcast.com?
Internet radio streaming is a fast growing industry. Demand for streaming services has been increasing exponentially over the past four years. However, you can't rely on any provider to stream your content. You need fast reliable service, and quality 24x7 customer support, which can only be acquired from Primcast.com.

Streaming audio over the internet requires a lot of bandwidth. Primcast can take the strain off your internet connection by streaming your audio through our GigE redundant network, covering three Data Centers in the New York City area. We can accommodate stations with 100 listeners or stations with thousands of listeners.

Anyone that has a web site and wants to stream audio through SHOUTcast can do so by signing up to one of our SHOUTcast plans. Account activation is instant, and our support team is here to assist you 24x7. Bottom line, if you need SHOUTcast streaming, you need Primcast as a host.

How can my stream be located?
After you sign up for a SHOUTcast Hosting Plan at Primcast.com, you can begin streaming immediately. Once your stream is live and public, it will be automatically be listed in the SHOUTcast directory at SHOUTcast.com. Millions of visitors will be able to search for your stream name, a particular song , artist, genre etc. Your station's name and genre is input by you in your SHOUTcast Source, while the song's name and artist are automatically updated at SHOUTcast.com.

You will also be given a web address to your stream, which can be placed on your web site, or can be given out directly to your listeners. Our tutorials also provide embed coded for various players that automatically load on your web site.

How does SHOUTcast work?
The streaming process begins in the SHOUTcast Source Encoder. Your mp3 songs are encoded at the requested bit rate and sent to our SHOUTcast Servers from your PC. The stream is then mass broadcasted from our servers to your listener base.

Your mp3 songs can also be uploaded and streamed from our Auto-DJ Servers. Our interface encodes your songs to the requested bit rate and then streams the content to our SHOUTcast Servers. The stream is then mass broadcasted from our servers to your listener base. This automated solution is great for users that do not want to stream from their PC.

What if I want to use turntables to Broadcast Live through SHOUTcast?
Most new turntables can be connected directly to your PC using USB or FireWire. This makes live streaming through SHOUTcast much easier, as all you would have to do is select that particular input in the SHOUTcast Source Plug-in.

If your turntables can't be connected directly to your PC via USB or FireWire, you will need to use your sound card's "Line-In" to transfer the sound from your turntables to your PC. You can then select "Line-In" as the input for your SHOUTcast Source Plug-in.

How do I configure Winamp DSP to Broadcast Live to my SHOUTcast Streaming Station?
Please visit our support page for a tutorial list, or click here to view our SHOUTcast Tutorial.

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