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Smooth streaming hosting, smooth streaming servers
The Smooth Streaming Servers are based on a hybrid technology that allows you to stream to users with different network quality without meeting any buffering or interruption. This technology works by automatically adapting the quality of the stream to the network conditions of the end user, in order to offer a continuous visual experience.

These are the exact reasons that make Smooth Streaming Servers the perfect tool for streaming to iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry and Android. The software uses the existing video capabilities of the phone, so there won't be necessary any other settings.

Smooth Streaming technology works only with Silverlight platform. That's why you will also find it under the name of Silverlight Streaming. For broadcasting with Silverlight Streaming, you will have to purchase an Expression Encoder license, the only encoder available for this technology.

Silverlight Streaming is the perfect choice for True High Definition Online Streaming H264 Video with AAC Audio. Even though the quality and experience of the user with a Smooth Stream is superior it has a slight disadvantage: it takes a longer time to encode the videos since you need to convert the same video in multiple bitrates and resolutions.

Primcast provides Silverlight Streaming Servers starting at $19.99 per month. You can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time. Our technical support team will be able to help you with any problem regarding the server. We are here for you 24/7!

For live streaming and streaming for mobile devices, you must purchase Microsoft Expression Encoder 4 Pro. The software costs $199.95 and you can purchase it by accessing this link.

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Smooth Streaming hosting plans
Connections Viewer hours Bitrate Storage Traffic Price Order
Up to 50 230 Unlimited 500 MB 50 GB $19.99 Order Now
Up to 100 455 Unlimited 1 GB 100 GB $34.99 Order Now
Up to 250 910 Unlimited 2 GB 200 GB $69.99 Order Now
Up to 500 2275 Unlimited 5 GB 500 GB $99.99 Order Now
Unlimited 4550 Unlimited 10 GB 1000 GB $149.99 Order Now

Bandwidth Calculator for Smooth Streaming accounts
Listeners Bitrate Hours / day Days / month Total / month
Use the bandwidth calculator above to find out exacly how much traffic you will use.

Viewer Hour Calculator
Monthly Traffic ( GB ) Bitrate Viewer Hours

What is Smooth Streaming Server?
Smooth Streaming is a based on adaptive streaming, a hybrid media delivery method. What appears to be streaming is in fact HTTP progressive download.

Why should I choose Smooth Streaming.
Because it uses MP4 and adaptive streaming?
Why MP4? There's a series of reasons. The MP4 format is lighter, easier to process and it's based on a more popular format standard. More than that, MP4 was designed to support file fragmentation and it comes with H.264 video codec which makes streaming more straightforward than with ASF.

How do I get the Silverlight Player onto my website?
As soon as you have your Primcast account settings, you can use our embedded code generator to generate the code for your player.

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