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Windows Media Streaming Information
Windows Media Services (WMS) allows users to generate streaming audio/video through the internet and ultimately to an internet audience. The supported formats are Windows Media, JPEG, and MP3.

In addition to streaming, WMS also has the ability to cache and record streams, enforce authentication, impose various connection limits, restrict access, use multiple protocols, generate usage statistics, and apply forward error correction (FEC). It can handle a high number of concurrent connections making it ideal for large audiences. Streams can also be distributed between servers as part of a distribution network where each server ultimately feeds a different network/audience. Both unicast and multicast streams are supported. Typically, Windows Media Player is used to decode and watch or listen to the streams. Other players are also capable of playing Windows Media content.

The plans listed on your website are generally for audiences between 10 to 500 listeners/viewers, depending on the bit rate of your Windows Media Streaming broadcast. We recommend our per connection based plans for audiences of 500 or more.

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