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Get instant access to computing power, graphics rendering, video transcoding, desktop virtualization, and crypto mining.



Your GPU configuration is installed on Hewlett Packard Enterprise servers, stress tested for 100% compatibility and stability.


Get a GPU dedicated server, deployed in one of our New York or Bucharest data centers.


Your server is connected to a custom built, low latency global network.


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The Coral USB Accelerator

You can now add an Edge TPU coprocessor to any Linux-based system with the Coral USB Accelerator designed by Google. The small ASIC chip provides high-performance ML inferencing with low power cost. For example, it can execute 100fbps on MobileNet v2 models, while using very little power (500mA at 5V).


Compatible with Linux machines, Debian 6.0 or higher, or any derivative (such as Ubuntu 10.0+), but also with Rasberry Pi (213 Mode B/B+).

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 / RTX 2080 Ti

NVIDIA’s new Turing chip architecture delivers up to six times the performance of previous generation GPU’s, with breakthrough technologies and next generation, ultra-fast GDDR6 memory.

RTX 2080 Specifications

RTX 2080 TI Specifications

Compatible with Linux, CUDA/OpenCL, KVM.


Transcode up to two video streams simultaneously, through the new Turing chip architecture.

3D Rendering

Use the power of the RTX 2080 to render 3D graphics faster than ever.


Mine crypto currency through the new Turing chip architecture, found on the RTX 2080 and RTX 2080 Ti.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080

Get the latest and best performing chip, for graphics rendering and computing. The NVIDIA Pascal architecture delivers high performance at a budget friendly price.

Compatible with Linux, CUDA/OpenCL, KVM.


Use the 2560 cores to encode or transcode multiple simultaneous video streams in real time.

3D Rendering

Faster 3D graphics processing, allow you to increase productivity and revenue.


Run your CUDA and OpenCL applications at optimal performance by using the computing power of the GTX 1080.


An optimal chip for machine learning and video transcoding, can be found in the NVIDIA Tesla P4 and P100 GPU’s. NVIDIA’s Pascal chip architecture has been proven to be faster and more power efficient than its Maxwell predecessor.

Transcode up to 20 simultaneous video streams with a single Tesla P4 paired with our HP BL460c blade server. *Results may vary, based on server configuration and video resolution of each stream.

A more powerful version of the Tesla P4 is the Tesla P40, with more than twice the processing power of the Tesla P4.

The Tesla P100 GPU, is most suitable for deep learning and remote graphics. With 18.7 TeraFLOPS of inference performance, a single Tesla P100 can replace over 25 CPU servers. *Results may vary based on server configuration.

Compatible: VMWare ESXi, Citrix Xenserver, KVM, Linux, Windows.


The first GPU to break the 100 teraflop barrier of deep learning performance. NVIDIA’s Volta chip, is up to 3x faster than it’s Pascal chip predecessor.

Your deep learning project design can now be a reality, with little investment. Ge the maximum per machine deep learning performance, replacing up to 30 single CPU servers with just one Titan V configuration.

Use the Titan V for high performance computing, from predicting the weather to discovering or finding new energy sources. Get your results up to 1.5x faster than NVIDIA’s Pascal predecessor.

Compatible: VMWare ESXi, Citrix Xenserver, KVM, Linux, Windows.


Get a custom crafted VDI infrastructure designed to your organization’s requirements. Combine the power of Nvidia with industry leading hypervisors to deliver GPU technology to any desktop or windows device.

Cloud 3D

Access to graphics processing power for all users (architects, designers) in your organization, directly from the cloud.


Process video files, encode/transcode content in real time directly from the cloud.

Why Primcast?

Add a GPU or Coprocessor board to HP enterprise hardware, designed specifically for use with GPU add-ons, eliminating incompatibility issues or poor/underperformance of hardware. Your services are deployed on our global low latency network, backed by a 99.9% uptime SLA and supported by GPU server experts, around the clock.

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