Smart TV App Development

Smart TV application development is included free of charge with our Enterprise plans for internet radio and live video streaming. Get your own custom app for live or on demand video streaming, deployed to the Samsung Smart TV market, FREE*. You can also purchase our white label standard app for live video streaming for $299.

Deployment Regions

Your Smart TV App can only be deployed on the US Market, unless you have a partnership with Samsung, that will allow you to deploy applications in specific countries. Call or chat with us for a free consultation.

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Supported Devices

Smart TV App development is currently only available for Samsung devices. Other TV brands are not currently supported, however any brand is supported for paid, custom application development.

How long does it take to get your application created?

Your app is customized and submitted to Samsung within 24-48 business hours, however it may be 1 – 3 weeks before Samsung reviews and releases your app on the market. Keep in mind that your streaming content must be available 24/7 during the testing period, in order for Samsung to approve your app.

Before we get started on your application, we need some information from you:

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