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Windows Media Streaming

Windows media
streaming servers
Windows Media Streaming services are optimal for online video broadcasting. Our bandwidth based Windows Media Broadcasting plans allow for streaming at any bitrate (quality) including high definition streaming. Custom broadcasting plans are also available if your requirements exceed 1000GB of monthly traffic. If you need assistance choosing a Windows Media Streaming plan, or need a custom streaming plan, our support team is available to assist you 24x7 via phone or live chat.
Windows media streaming
demo account
Order a windows media streaming demo account and test our services. This demo account includes 10 max listeners, 2 GB of traffic and is available for 5 days. You can upgrade to a paid account anytime and keep the same encoder settings.

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Windows media streaming bandwidth plans
Listeners/Viewers Viewer hours Traffic Extra Traffic Storage Price Order
Up to 30* 230 50 GB $2.65 per 10GB** 100 MB $12.99 Order Now
Up to 50* 455 100 GB $2.45 per 10GB** 200 MB $25.99 Order Now
Unlimited* 910 200 GB $2.30 per 10GB** 300 MB $59.99 Order Now
Unlimited* 2275 500 GB $2.10 per 10GB** 500 MB $89.99 Order Now
Unlimited* 4550 1000 GB $2.00 per 10GB** 1 GB $129.99 Order Now
Unlimited* 9100 2000 GB $1.80 per 10GB** 2 GB $189.99 Order Now
Unlimited* 22755 5000 GB $0.90 per 10GB** 5 GB $399.99 Order Now
*   Simultaneous connections
** Minimum order for extra traffic is $10.

Windows media streaming per listener plans
Bitrate (quality) Price Slots Total / month Order
24 kbps $0.50 per slot $5.00 Order Now
32 kbps $0.63 per slot $6.30 Order Now
48 kbps $0.66 per slot $6.60 Order Now
56 kbps $0.75 per slot $7.50 Order Now
64 kbps $0.85 per slot $8.50 Order Now
80 kbps $1.00 per slot $10.00 Order Now
96 kbps $1.20 per slot $12.00 Order Now
112 kbps $1.40 per slot $14.00 Order Now
128 kbps $1.60 per slot $16.00 Order Now
192 kbps $2.35 per slot $23.50 Order Now
384 kbps $4.00 per slot $40.00 Order Now
512 kbps $5.00 per slot $50.00 Order Now
All Windows media hosting per listerner plans have unlimited bandwith and no storage included. Select a bitrate, enter the number of slots you need and then click order. Minimum order for any plan is $5.

Bandwith Calculator for Windows media streaming accounts
Listeners Bitrate Hours / day Days / month Total / month
Use the bandwidth calculator above to find out exacly how much traffic you will use.

Viewer Hour Calculator
Monthly Traffic ( GB ) Bitrate Viewer Hour

Why should I choose Windows Media Streaming over SHOUTcast or Flash?
We recommend Windows Media Streaming over SHOUTcast if you're broadcasting video. Flash Media Streaming is also a popular solution for video streaming, but it's also more expensive.

Once I place my order, how long will it take to activate my Windows Media Streaming account?
Account activation for most of our services is instant, as long as your payment is approved.

Can I have more than one Windows Media Publishing Point of a single Windows Media Streaming account?
Yes, you can have as many Publishing Points as you'd like. The first two Publishing Points are included with your account, and each additional Publishing Point thereafter is $5/mo. All publishing points on your account will be sharing your account's resources, such as bandwidth and maximum connections.