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Founded in 2004, Primcast is a multinational technology company based out of Long Island City, NY. Our journey started with streaming services and quickly developed to a full portfolio of hosting and managed services. Our servers are deployed on a custom built, global infrastructure designed from the ground up, for low latency streaming. Uptime is critical, which is why we've custom designed and built our infrastructure specifically to operate efficiently under constant high loads, 24/7, 365 days a year. We measure our success in the ability to make our service reliable and our reputation flawless. We thrive to always exceed our customers expectations and create new standards for service and quality.

Our Mission

Use ingenuity and cutting edge technology to deliver the most cost effective, hyper-scale cloud infrastructure. We are committed to provide the best in class technical expertise by promoting creativity and innovation in a stress free office environment that empowers employees to be productive and exceed customer expectations.

Our Plan

We strive to provide the best hardware and technology to our customers, which is why we are constantly testing new equipment. We vigorously stress test all servers and components to ensure that all hardware we make available is fully compatible and can be used at constant full loads, around the clock.

Our Vision

Empower organizations worldwide, by providing access to innovative, cost effective solutions along with best in class technical expertise.


Your ideas, our infrastructure. Live 24/7 since 2004.




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Bahrain Government