Bitcoin daemon dedicated servers

Instant dedicated servers paid with crypto currency. Save 10% when you pay with Bitcoin.

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Instantly deployed server nodes, including pre-configured blockchain daemon nodes for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Stellar and Lightning Network.

Dedicated servers starting at just $5/mo.

Instant blockchain

Instant blockchain daemon nodes

Deploy any instant configuration with your choice of blockchain daemon, in just a few minutes. Choose from Bitcoin, Ethereum, Steller or Lightning Network.

Entry level

Entry level servers

Single CPU, affordable dedicated servers, deployed instantly. Configurations start at $5/mo.


Enterprise servers

Dual CPU servers with battery hardware RAID, built-in KVM and up to 512 GB RAM, starting at just $55/mo.


Unmetered dedicated servers

Dedicated servers with unmetered bandwidth. 1Gbps unmetered $99. 10Gbps unmetered $759.


Bandwidth Pricing

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*Bandwidth pricing applicable to most enterprise and some entry-level servers. Prices may vary based on configuration.

Included with your server



A global network that guarantees low latency.

1 IP Address – Up to 256 IP Addresses can be provided at $6/per IP Address

Up to 20 Gbps Guaranteed Burst

New York, Miami, San Francisco, Amsterdam or Bucharest Data Center



Enterprise dedicated servers are delivered with:

HPE Enterprise Grade Hardware

Hardware RAID included with all configurations



Choose from a wide range of operating systems available when configuring the server:







You have complete control over your server specifications, upgrade or downgrade anytime.

Control Panel

Root Access to Server

Access via HPE iLO


Support And SLA

A team of server experts is available around the clock, ready to assist you.

24/7 Live Support Via Phone or Live Chat

Service Level Agreement

Why Primcast?

Get an affordable dedicated server, with instant deployment, paid with Bitcoin or any other crypto currency. Your server is backed by our 99.9% uptime guarantee and supported by a team of experts, available around the clock via phone or live chat.

Step 1

1. Sign up

Choose your configuration and create your Primcast dedicated server account today.

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Step 2

2. Provisioning

Most Primcast servers are ready to be delivered within just few minutes, unless you require a custom configuration. Please check your spam/inbox folder for your credentials. *Instant delivery may be delayed if we require further verification on your payment.

Step 3

3. Get started

Access your server and start deploying your services. Contact us anytime if you need assistance. We’re here 24/7.