Use FFMPEG As Encoder for Video Streaming Tutorial

This tutorial is for using ffmpeg to stream using our services. All settings are done in command line. All characters in purple must be replaced with the correct details from your account

Example command for ffmpeg:

#: ffmpeg -i 'FILE or LINK' -crf 30 -preset ultrafast -acodec aac -strict experimental -ar 44100 -ac 2
-b:a 96k -vcodec libx264 -r 25 -b:v 300k -f flv

-i 'FILE or LINK' tells ffmpeg where to pull the input stream from. It can either be a file, a device or another stream.

Example for capturing from Devices: -i video="screen-capture-recorder":audio="Stereo Mix (IDT High Definition)"

Example for File: -i '/home/user/sample.mp4'

Example for Link: -i 'udp://'

-crf 30 sets the Content Rate Factor.
That's an x264 argument that tries to keep reasonably consistent video quality, while varying bitrate during more 'complicated' scenes, etc.
A value of 30 allows somewhat lower quality and bit rate.

-preset ultrafast as the name implies provides for the fastest possible encoding.

-acodec aac sets the audio codec (internal AAC encoder)

-strict experimental allows use of some experimental codecs (the internal AAC encoder is experimental)

-ar 44100 set the audio sample rate

-ac 2 specifies two channels of audio(Stereo)

-b:a 96k sets the audio bit rate

-vcodec libx264 sets the video codec

-r 25 set the frame rate

-b:v 300k set the video bit rate

-f flv says to deliver the output stream in an flv wrapper

is where the video stream gets pushed to our server. Replace the Username and Password with the ones on your account.

Replace the with the Streaming Address from your account.

Replace ApplicationName with the one on your dashboard.

Once configured and streaming, you can view the stream from the HLS link in a program like VLC or you can embed the player from the Generate Player link

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