Stream with Butt Encoder Tutorial

Butt Encoder Setup Tutorial

1 Setting up the encoder

Firstly we will need to go to settings and click ADD, and input your Primcast shoutcast address, port and password.

Butt Encoder Tutorial

Next we will setup the Audio Input and bitrate. In this case we will use our default soundcard, and mp3 codec at a bitrate of 128kbps.

Butt Encoder Tutorial

2 Setting up our radio station

Now we will begin to setup our station details, from the setting button we will go to Stream infos section and click Add, There we will be able to give our station its name, description, genre etc.

Butt Encoder Tutorial

3 Connecting encoder.

Once we have done all the steps we can connect our encoder, simply click on the play button, and you will begin streaming.
Butt Encoder Tutorial

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