Sream with Wowza Streaming Engine

Wowza Streaming Engine 4 Streaming Tutorial

1Download and install Flash Media Live Encoder

You can download Flash Media Live encoder from here: Adobe Media Encoder. You will need to create an Adobe ID, if you don't already have one. This is a free registration process. After you download the encoder, you need to install it onto your computer.

2Setup the server connection info

Open your Flash Live Media Encoder. On the right side you will see this:

Under the FMS URL field you will need to use your stream address, that you have in your setup email that we sent when your account was setup. Also you can see the details in your account panel. FMS URL should be something like: rtmp:// (replace with your stream address, and port with your port number)

Also if you bought a dedicated or a virtual server that has Wowza installed on it, you will need to use the server IP instead of address.

After you put the details, click on connect. It will ask you the username and password (also you have those in your setup email).

Wowza Streaming Engine 4

3Choose your video streaming device and bitrate.

Choose your preferred streaming device from the list, and personalize your video details.

Wowza Streaming Engine 4

4Choose your audio streaming device and bitrate

Choose your preferred streaming device from the list, and personalize your audio details. After that you will see your total bit rate on the bottom. The total bit rate is the sum of the audio bit rate and video bit rate. If you are streaming at high bit rates, make sure the upload speed on your Internet connection can handle the shown bit rate in the encoder.

Wowza Streaming Engine 4

5Click on the green Start button on the bottom.

In order to view the stream on your iPhone you will need to use this link in your iPhone's browser: http://Domain:Port/live/streamName/playlist.m3u8 (replace "Domain", with your actual domain or IP, and also replace "streamName" with your actual stream name that you setup in your Flash media Encoder)

You can generate an embedded player code to put in your website by using this address: . In the URL field use: rtmp://Domain:port/live/ and in the stream field use the stream name that you put iny our Flash Encoder followed by a .flv at the end.

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