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Category: Software Audio Encoders


How to stream with Mixxx software

Looking for help installing and configuring your Mixxx software? Get access to a step-by-step tutorial so you can get started.

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Nicecast on a Mac Tutorial

This tutorial shows you how to set up audio streaming on SHOUTcast servers, using Apple Mac computers. This tutorial focuses on setting up Nicecast, in order to stream audio on your SHOUTcast servers.

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SAM Broadcaster Tutorial

If you use SAM Broadcaster, you can easily add SHOUTcast directly to your software. You can do this in no time by following this tutorial.

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How to stream with CasterX

This tutorial shows you how to set up your CasterX encoder in just six simple steps!

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How to stream with Edcast

Looking for help setting up your EdCast audio streaming account? Follow these basic steps.

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How to stream with VirtualDj PRO

Got access to the VirtualDJ PRO software and need help setting up? This tutorial will guide you through all the steps.

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How to with SamCast

Learn how to set up your SamCast account with your provided credentials.

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How to stream with SimpleCast

Here you'll learn how to use Simplecast with Primcast Internet Radio services.

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How To Stream With BUTT Encoder

Streaming with your BUTT encoder has never been so easy. Access the provided tutorial, and you’re all set!

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Having trouble setting up your SHOUTcast account? This step-by-step tutorial will take you by the hand through the whole process.

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Use FFMPEG As Encoder for Video Streaming

In this tutorial we describe everything you need to know in order to stream live video with ffmpeg. Here’s how you can use ffmpeg to stream live to Primcast servers or any other server that accepts RTMP.

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Stream with Audio Hijack on MacOs

Stream with SHOUTcast DSP to deliver live audio to all devices. Follow our tutorial to configure your SHOUTcast DSP encoder with Primcast streaming services.

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